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Turret Tank Instructions

Aim and click to fire a missile; try to destroy all targets within the allotted time and ammo limit.

Turret Tank Walkthrough

While most tank and army games are all about death and destruction, you'll find that Turret Tank has nothing to do with either concept. Instead, in this tanks game that's mostly about strategy, you'll have to destroy as many targets as you can with a limited amount of ammo. It can be likened to golf - each mission has a par, and if you go over it, you'll fail your mission. To distract you, there will be various animals, vehicles, and other objects to get in your line of fire.

But you can get bonus points if you hit them and pass the mission - so go ahead and aim for them. With the beginning missions being quite easy, they'll warm you up for the really puzzling ones that you get to later. To get to these harder missions you'll have to beat every level to move on to the next. While this may seem difficult, it's not that hard - you have an unlimited amount of tries in each mission, and the game saves your progress and keeps these missions unlocked, so just use a trial and error strategy for every level.

The targets with two arrows on them will reverse the direction of your missile and the targets with a single arrow pointing in one direction will ricochet the missile into whatever it's pointing at. Use these targets to destroy each other with a single shot, which isn't possible (or plausible) in later missions - instead, if you can, keep up with the par limit Turret Tank gives you.

More of a thinking game than anything else, Turret Tank won't have you pulling your hair from the action, but rather from the puzzles it offers instead. With a save game feature, see how far you can get in this strategic tanks game.