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Warfare 1944 Instructions

Warfare 1944 - this is one of the tank games that I have played where you only need your mouse to play it. Choose a squad type from the menu at the lower right. After that, click the row where you want to deploy them. Your soldiers will charge into battle off screen...they will automatically attack opposing units in their own row or those that are adjacent to them. While they are in the middle of the battlefield, you can give them specific orders by clicking on them and selecting an icon. What you can do, though, to make this a tad easier is to assign them with a number or hotkey on your keyboard. The objective is to advance all the way across the map and demolish everything in sight.

Warfare 1944 Walkthrough

One of the niceties that I really like about Warfare 1944 are the flexible upgrade options - this gives the game excellent replay value. At first, I found that piling up more and more soldiers armed with guns and guts, sending them to battle to be enough. HOWEVER, the smoke bombs, air strikes, and other upgrade options kept me playing the game!

By the way, the highest level of upgrades are very powerful and fun to use. It's always nice to take 2 different skill paths to reach victory.

Subtlety - this is another strong point of Warfare 1944, which you cannot find in other tank games which are pretty crude and straightforward in the game play and strategies department. There's just so much potential power in each specific unit that you want to try them out one by one. Every attack has many counter attacking techniques that are just as effective - allowing you to fight through the game using your reflex and instinct. Of course, enemy tanks are always game changing - to their favor that is. HOWEVER, you have bazookas, grenades, mortars, and other weapons at your disposal that would allow you to fight back while you are still mustering a tank of your own.

By far, Warfare 1944 is the best and prettiest game that Con Artist has created - it takes you through very detailed graveyards, fields, as well as townscapes. Nah, you don't need dramatic anthems for this game. Why have one when the war cries and sound of firing machine guns make the game even more realistic? What I would want though is a mini map. You see, in the heat of the battle, it's easy to forget that you still have some troops camping over somewhere when you have to scroll all the way down just to find them.

When you can't coordinate and fight back against that Blitzkrieg, when you are hanging on the hedge row and stone wall wit your fingernails, when the battle is neck to neck that a single bazooka shell would spell the difference between winning and dying with your boots on, that's when you will love Warfare 1944 the most! This game will surely grip you by the guts. It sure squeezes harder than any of the other tank games I have laid my hands on.

It's easy to be sidetracked and care more for your soldiers rather than keep your focus on your overall mission: to win. To bring an emotional side to a game, that's one hell of an accomplishment for a simple and little tank game named Warfare 1944!